Our Service Offerings

Mining Industry

  • We help mines to engage with communities and stakeholders in a way that facilitates collaboration and  a mutually beneficial relationship: We facilitate communication and relationship building with communities, local political structures and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the investment made or to be made by a mining company;
  • We conduct research to inform the mining industry about the prevailing socio-economic issues in the host communities or labour sending areas;
  • We monitor and evaluate social and labour plan projects and assist mines to determine whether or not they are meeting the Mining Charter obligations;
  • We report to mining industry stakeholders on the progress of projects funded by the industry and on the impact of such projects on the communities;
  • We identify and facilitate projects that provide livelihood opportunities and ameliorate the impact of retrenchments, through portable skills and self-employment; and
  • We provide community-based health services in areas of prevention, treatment, care and support services and assist ex-mineworkers to be integrated back into their communities.

  • Government
  • We are well-positioned to evaluate and report on social and labour plan projects to government;
  • We have a track record in implementing high value government-funded projects;
  • We offer stakeholder engagement and management services to government; and
  • We partner with government at national, provincial and local levels in the provision of basic services.

  • International donor agencies
  • We have the ability to implement long-term projects and work jointly with other partners;
  • We provide our donors with a portfolio of evidence and reports on a regular basis and constantly keep our donors updated on the implementation of projects; and
  • We have qualified programme and project managers who ensure that the projects are implemented according to agreed standards, timeframes and budgets.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

  • We seek to form partnerships with private sector companies in an effort to expand the reach of CSI interventions;
  • We identify and facilitate the implementation of projects that provide livelihood opportunities for communities and marginalised groups in partnership with private sector companies;
  • In terms of Socio-Economic Development contributions, we provide businesses with the necessary documentation required for BBB-EE verification. We also provide ongoing information and updates on the programmes/projects and activities supported by business. Thembalethu Development is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). Donations to the organisation and its projects are tax-deductible;
  • We play a monitoring and evaluation role to determine the impact of CSI spend by corporations;
  • We assist the corporate sector in conducting baseline surveys that guide project implementation; and
  • We communicate with and inform stakeholders on CSI interventions.